Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dragon's Dogma OST Track Titles in English

I have just spent ages using online translators to try and figure out the English translation for track titles for the Dragon's Dogma soundtrack. I'm sure there are a few inaccuracies and I had to take a bit of artistic license with some, but I thought I would share the tracklist for those interested:

Disc 1

Disc 2

Thursday, 28 April 2011

3D photo

My housemate Emerald found this guy on the window sill and he was kind enough to hold still enough to let me take 3D photos of him. Click to enlarge them all.

 Anaglyph photo (use red/cyan glasses to view)

Cross-eyed image for glasses free viewing

 Anaglyph (red/cyan)

 Cross-eyed pair

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mouse Aims at the Sky and Ground in Game Problem

Recently I had a problem where my mouse would jerk and snap to look at the sky or the ground while playing games such as Crysis, Borderlands and Battlefield 2 (these are the only games I tried). Anyway after much trial and error and searching, it turned out to be the fact that I had iz3d drivers installed, used for stereoscopic gaming. Simply disabling 3D didn't fix it, neither did exiting the progam, but once I uninstalled it the mouse snapping problem was fixed!

Hope this helps someone else.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Day 19 – Koyasan

Today we took the absolutely amazing scenic train trip through the mountains to a place called Koyasan where there is a massive cemetery high in the mountains. We got a day pass which allowed us to take the train there and back, a trip on the cable car up and down a really steep part of the mountain and unlimited bus trips around the reserve. We spent most of the day walking through the cemetery, then we visited the Tokugawa Mausolea and then walked back down the mountain until we got to a restaurant where we had dinner.
That night we decided that seeing as it was our last Friday night in Japan we should go out and celebrate, so David W, Leigh and I went to the old faithful English theme pub, The Hub and then wandered around Osaka for a while, then headed back home after being threatened with either being stabbed or shot by a decidedly non-scary Japanese gangster type.

 Welcome to the Black Mesa Research Facility

 This train is inbound...

 Some of the buddha's ashes are in there

 A headstone for an astronaut

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Day 18 – Minoh

Today we caught the train to Ishibashi where we met up with Ioana, then caught the next train together to Minoh. It was a beautiful area, and even though the locals didn’t seem confident that we’d see any monkeys we set off on a quest to find some anyway.
It was a really nice walk up the mountainside in the forest but we didn’t see any monkeys. Eventually though we came to an impressive waterfall, which made a pretty good substitute! Then we set off back down the mountain and said farewell to Ioana, then caught the train home.

 Cool old trains that are really quite comfy 

 Look, I won 100 Yen on a 200 Yen scratchy!

 The streets of Minoh

 I didn't realise we were meant to do something with our hands!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Day 17 – Umeda Skytower

Today we decided to visit the Skytower building in Umeda, a tall building kind of divided in two with a large ring at the top connecting the two sides. I remember seeing it when we first arrived in Osaka when we were taking the train from the airport. So we caught the train there and immediately stumbled upon a massive department store... with one whole massive floor dedicated to toys and games and music, so we stayed there a while (and saw a crazy genius just sitting on one of the pianos cranking out classical hits), but somehow in the process we lost David and David. We looked around but couldn’t find them so we just set of to the tower.
On arriving we made our way up a whole series of escalators but we really didn’t know where we were going. I remember noticing there was no-body else going up the tower though except another girl a little way behind. Eventually we reached a dead end as the escalators didn’t go any higher, when the girl who was coming up behind us asked if we were trying to reach the top. We said yes and she said she thought we were meant to get off on the third floor and take an elevator from there, so we all went back down and successfully navigated our way across to the other side of the tower where we caught an elevator the rest of the way. The view from the top was spectacular, being able to see all of Osaka in every direction. We also introduced ourselves to the girl we met; her name was Ioana and it turned out she was from Romania. We talked a while and after taking in the amazing view we went to the Skyview cafe in the tower and had a coffee. While there I mentioned that I’d love to see monkeys at some stage, and Ioana said she was actually staying not far from a reserve where monkeys actually lived! So we exchanged emails and said we’d see if we could catch up tomorrow and maybe see if we could find some.
After that we went back a pub near our hotel where it was happy hour, and I just can’t get over how cheap drinks are here. Roughly $3 Australian for a pint of Rum and Coke? You bet! :)

 The Skytower from the ground

 Osaka from the sky

A reverse waterfall!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Day 16 – Kyoto

Today we arrived at the amazing Kyoto train station and after getting a bit lost trying to find the information place, we made our way to the Kiyomizu Temple with a balcony with an amazing view and a place to drink water which is supposedly meant to have life-giving properties. There was also a section where you take off your shoes and head into an underground tunnel that is completely dark. You follow a rail along the side of the wall that leads to a large stone lit in red from above that you spin (which is weird because it looks like the stone is floating in darkness, then when you place your hands on it they look disembodied). It was a very interesting experience.
Then we decided to try and find the Fushimi Inari Shrine, where they have a path formed by thousands of torii gates. We couldn’t figure out whether to walk or bus it, so in the end we just caught the bus and then jumped off on a random stop because we realised we had no idea where we were. Then we had a long walk trying to find this shrine, and by the time we got there it was dusk, but thankfully the trail was really well lit so we still got to walk around it. There was an impressive view of Kyoto from the top so we caught our breath there for a bit then headed back down.
That night we went to a restaurant where you get served the meat raw and you cook it yourself on a bbq in the middle of the table. It was... interesting, and I ate tongue and tripe. Not my favourite meal of the trip so far I must admit, but it was pretty fun.

 The massive Kyoto train station

 Escalators that go forever...

 Astroboy will show us the way! Actually there is a surprising lack of Astroboy toys and things around

 People collecting water and drinking it. I guess this is kind of an equivilant of Lourds?

 Lost once more.

 Found it!

 This amazing tunnel of gates goes a long way, and some of them are made of stone and it is tradition to try and toss a stone and get it to land on the gate. If it lands on it you're meant to have good luck apparently. I did it twice, one smashed into a million pieces on the ground but one landed on the top without a sound, so I think that just about evens out.